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My reviews of the latest vehicle technology

A look at the Nextbase 402 Professional DashCam

Its only a couple of years since the dashboard camera made itself noticed as a genuine motoring accessory, with limited models to choose from and like all new technology… high prices. As the cameras have become more popular though, manufacturing costs have dropped and more and more of these interesting little devices can be spotted on peoples dashboards and windsreens.

Today I am going to take a look at the Nextbase 402 Professional which you can pick up for just under £150 here in the UK. The device is simple to use straight out of the box without any major technical knowledge being needed and once set up it will automatically record whenever the vehicle is being used.

The camera is attached to the windsreen via a suction cup and can be easily released to make any adjustments quite easy for the driver without them having to bend over the dashboard. Another nice feature is a lengthy cable so you can easily trail the cable behind the dash without having to have ugly wires hanging down infront of other instruments.

The camera utilisies full HD recording in 1080p quality meaning images are crystal clear during daylight hours, with number plates on cars ahead clearly visible should you be unlucky enough to need evidence of such a thing. Night time recording obviously isnt going to be quite as good but is still impressive and easily recognisable.

Other functions on the device include –

  • GPS Logging – This will log the location along with the date and time of recording
  • Automatic Motion Detection Recording – The system will automatically record any incidents where there are large motion forces involved (ie a collision) and will also mark the recording as protected so it will not be erased later.
  • Up to 32GB SD Media card recording – SD cards are used for storage and with automatic rewrite the system wont require you to manually delete footage each time the card is full.
  • HDMI – With the included HDMI lead you can quickly attach the device to a TV for large screen playback.


A great piece of kit for the money that wipes the floor with the cheaper alternatives that can be found on the likes of amazon. Great features and good quality.